Executing and Closing

Closing a deal successfully is matter of pre-sale preparedness, maintaining a disciplined transaction timeline, and avoiding what’s referred to in the investment banking trade as “deal fatigue”.  Alluence Capital manages deal execution risks by responding to due diligence requests in a timely manner, solving sticky negotiating points by finding the reasonable middle ground, and ensuring both buyer and seller remain comfortable, fully informed, and committed to the transaction throughout the process. Alluence Capital is very skilled at providing critical input to transaction attorneys on all material documents and has extensive experience negotiating baskets, caps, special indemnities, earnouts and non-compete agreements. Where the sale transaction involves multiple bidders for the business, Alluence Capital conducts a disciplined auction process focused on maintaining time lines and aimed at satisfying due diligence requirements of the bidding group so that all prospective buyers present their bids on time and in accordance with a comprehensive bid instruction letter . In auctioned deals we secure the business’ value by keeping our client’s options open until the optimal buyer emerges, all material deal terms are settled, and closing risks are minimized.